Divorce Lawyer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

There are many different types of issues that arise throughout the course of a divorce, from determining who keeps the family home to how to divide up visitation time with the children. All of these issues create more stress during a very difficult time in your life.

From my office in Lower Paxton Township, I have been helping people throughout Pennsylvania with their divorces and other family law needs for 30 years.  During the course of my practice, I have accumulated an extensive knowledge of the law in these areas and use this knowledge to help you settle your divorce as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Contact the office of Diane S. Baker, Esquire today to learn more.

Not all divorces are the same

Oftentimes the parties have minimal assets and liabilities or are able to work out an amicable division of their assets and debts.  In these cases a no-fault divorce action can be filed and the divorce can be finalized with minimal dispute and no required court appearances.  But oftentimes divorce is not that simple.  There are many issues that may need to be resolved during your divorce, including:

  • Equitable Distribution (Division of retirement accounts, bank and investment accounts, marital home, vacation / rental properties, vehicles and division of debt)
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Support and Alimony (spousal maintenance)

Though I do not like to back down from a fight, I always encourage my clients to attempt to work out their differences together in an amicable fashion.  This can be less costly, less time consuming, and less stressful on all of the parties involved, especially children.  However, not every case can be resolved amicably, and there are divorces that require the intervention of the courts.  After we discuss your specific situation and goals, I will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your case and the best options to resolve your divorce.

You do not have to face your divorce alone.  As an experienced family law attorney, I am dedicated to helping my clients deal with all of the issues of their divorce every step of the way.  I believe in keeping my clients informed about the status of their cases regularly, and am committed to returning all phone calls within the same business day if at all possible.Contact a Harrisburg divorce lawyer who can effectively assess your case and help you understand your options.  I offer clients a $100 consultation so they can meet with me and learn more about the services I offer.  Flexible appointment times are available.