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Grandparents’ Rights

Harrisburg Grandparents’ Rights

It is important to have grandparents involved in a child’s life whenever possible.  Throughout the course of my practice, I frequently encourage parents to make their children available to spend time with their grandparents.  Unfortunately, this does not always happen and occasionally grandparents must engage in legal proceedings in order to visit with their grandchildren.  I can assist grandparents with the appropriate legal proceedings to assure that they are afforded regular contact with their grandchildren.

In some situations, neither parent is capable of providing care for their child and it becomes appropriate for a grandparent to intervene and seek full custody.  It is possible in extreme situations for a grandparent to petition for custody of a child when it is in the best interests of that child.  In instances where a parent or parents are in a difficult situation and unable to suitably care for their child, there are legal ways in which I may pursue custody of the child on behalf of the grandparents.

At my office, clients trust me, attorney Diane S. Baker, Esquire with their complex family law and grandparents’ rights issues.  From my office in the Colonial Park area of Lower Paxton Township, I assess the situation and offer my legal opinion of whether or not the grandparents are entitled to visitation or custody rights.  With 30 years of experience, I provide informed, knowledgeable guidance to clients throughout Harrisburg and the surrounding Pennsylvania communities.  I work to make recommendations that are in the best interests of the children while keeping the clients’ goals in mind.

Contact me, attorney Diane S. Baker, today and schedule your initial consultation to further discuss grandparents’ rights.  Consultations are offered at the rate of $100.